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How to Measure Your Penis Size (Length and Girth)

how to measure penis size length girth circumference

Have you ever grabbed a tape measure or ruler and placed it pressed against your erect penis?

It’s a no-brainer—most men have probably done this act at some point in their lives before. Maybe even multiple times.

Whether it’s out of boredom or genuine curiosity, measuring penis size is actually a fairly common phenomenon, believe it or not.

But the question then follows: did you measure your penis correctly?

This is where some men have different experiences. While some men do measure properly, others may have measured it the wrong way and have gathered inaccurate measurements as a result.

And you could be one of them.

Knowing your measurements is a critical component of your sexual health. It can affect much more than you think, from what condom size would best suit you to a more accurate sexual health diagnosis should you have Peyronie’s disease, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or other health issues.

Let’s cover how to measure your penis size the right way.

Does Penis Size Actually Matter?

If your reason for asking is because you’re curious whether a smaller-than-average penis can perform the same functions as a larger sample, then no. There’s little difference between the function of these two penis sizes.

Here are some relevant findings provided by a BJU International study conducted on over 15,000 men on their average penis sizes:

  • A flaccid penis length falls somewhere close to the range of 3.6 inches or 9.16 centimeters
  • A flaccid penis girth circumference is 3.66 inches.
  • An erect penis length falls close to 5.16 inches.
  • An average erect penis girth has a circumference of about 4.59 inches.

If you’re like most men, you’re probably surprised by how low the figure of one’s average penis size truly is. This can most likely be attributed to how porn consumption has distorted our perception of an actual penis size.

If your concern is for satisfying a woman, then there’s no reason to fret either. While a study has found that women do prefer a 6.3 inch penis, the most sexually stimulating parts of a woman’s body—the clitoris and G-spot—are easily reachable without a big penis.

In other words, how you handle your package plays a bigger role for sexual satisfaction than its average length.

Does Getting an Accurate Penis Measurement Matter?

accurate penis measurement peyronie's disease ED

Let’s get straight to the point: Yes. Getting an accurate penile length does matter.

But it’s not solely because of bragging rights or a symbol of sexual wellness. An accurate reading can help you in deciding the right condom size when making the trip down the convenience store.

A condom that’s smaller than your penis can become too tight in the heat of sexual activity. This sense of discomfort can be enough to compel you to remove it when the rush of blood and hormones run wild.

A condom that’s larger than your penis, on the other hand, can fall off prematurely or tear during the heat of action.

In both cases, you’re leaving you and your sexual partner exposed to unnecessary health risks.

Another reason why getting an accurate reading is important is because an inaccurate size can lead to your doctor incorrectly diagnosing your sexual health condition.

With diseases like Peyronie’s disease (a disease that affects 1 in 100 men where penis size shortens due to the accumulation of scar tissues) having cases severe enough to warrant surgery, it’s best to get an accurate reading to not throw off any medical professional with the wrong information.

How to Measure Your Penis Size (Length)

Don’t listen to unfounded sexual health myths on being able to tell someone’s penis size based on their ethnicity, the deepness in their voice, or their shoe size. The correlation between these factors is proven to be unscientific in measuring the average size of a penis.

The best and only way to measure your own penis size is by doing it when it’s erect.

Here’s the correct process on how to measure penis length:

  1. Grab a ruler or tape measure.
  2. Begin by putting the end at the tip of your penis.
  3. Measure in a straight line from the penis head, down the shaft, and then to the tip of your pubic bone.
  4. Don’t press the pubic bone, and push past any excess fat or pubic hair that may get in the way.
  5. Get the measurement at the pubic bone and note it down. That’s your real measurement.

As seen above, the process is fairly straightforward and is considered the best way to accurately measure the average erect penis.

You don’t leave the measurement open for interpretation by pushing the tape measure beyond the testicles; you stop to measure it right as you touch your pubic bone.

How to Measure Your Penis Size (Girth)

Unlike the method above, you can’t get a precise reading on your girth size with a ruler. A tape measure is necessary to get the reading.

Here’s how to measure penis girth:

  1. Grab a tape measure.
  2. Wrap it around the middle part of your shaft.
  3. Get the measurement where the tapes touch.

Some condom manufacturers also size their products according to the diameter or width of the penis.

To find it, get your girth’s figure first, and then simply divide that number by 3.14.

Can the Penis Appear Shorter Than It Is?

One published study says yes, granted you have obesity.

According to the study, the average penis length of obese men was 5.6 inches from the penile tip to the pubic bone. Normal enough.

But when measuring the length of the penis from the penile tip to the skin over the pubic bone, the penis length appears as 4.9 inches.

This study proves that more fat over the penis can make a penis appear shorter.

Thankfully, there are ways to solve this. If you’re obese with sexual problems, you can do the following activities toimprove your lifestyle:

Contact St. Louis’ Top ED Clinic for a Medical Consultation to Improve Sexual Health

contact st louis ed clinic medical consultation improve sexual health

While you may have already measured your penis before, it’s always good practice to ensure that you’re doing it the right way.

Your sexual health is important. If you have concerns regarding your penis length, contact a sexual health doctor to get your needs addressed.

If you’re having issues with maintaining an erection or decreased libido, call the team at Paramount Men’s Medical Center in St. Louis now to schedule an appointment to have a consultation with their experienced and specially trained medical staff. We are a leading men’s clinic providing ED therapy, PE therapy, Acoustic Wave therapy, hormone therapy, and much more.

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