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10 Surprising Ways Winter Affects Male Sex Drive

Surprising Ways Winter Affects Male Sex Drive

Winter—the season of frigid temperatures and long, dark nights. It’s also a time when many couples seek to boost their body heat and engage in skin-to-skin contact, if you catch our drift.

But this season doesn’t only bring in cold air, it also brings about noticeable changes to a man’s sex life.

While you may have heard of health-related things that affect your sex drive, you might have overlooked the effects of the seasons on your libido—both beneficial and detrimental.

So put your winter jackets on, gents. Let’s take a deep dive and uncover ten different ways the cold weather affects your sex drive.

Why Does Winter Affect Sex Drive?

It’s not uncommon for people to experience changes in their sex drive during the winter months, even if they themselves can’t exactly pinpoint the exact cause.

Several factors may contribute to this, including:

  • The shorter days and longer nights
  • Drop in temperature
  • Increased stress
  • The bustle of the holiday season

If you’re concerned about your sex drive or lack thereof, it may be helpful to talk to an erectile dysfunction specialist so that they may provide you with advice and support.

If you’re curious about the specific changes that winter brings about to your sex drive, keep reading.

6 Ways Winter Can Diminish Your Sex Drive

There are various reasons why your sex drive may plummet during the winter months.

Here are six potential reasons for this libido dip:

1. Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which affects around 10 million Americans, is a mental condition that can cause a lowered sex drive during the colder months.

SAD, also known as winter depression, tends to manifest during the winter months and causes a severe reduction in sexual pleasure.

With how entwined our psychological state is to our sexual function, it’s not surprising that SAD can be a contributing factor to the winter sex drive blues.

Everyone experiences the winter blues, but it’s a cause of concern if it lasts over a long period. Consult a low T doctor or a sex therapist if you have depression, erectile dysfunction, or both.

2. Anxiety and Social Pressures

Holidays are a time of social celebration. Fresh relationships blossom while old ones fade away.

For some, it can be a positive experience; yet for many men, the presence of crowds can cause them to feel confined and overwhelmed.

For many young men, especially, the constant egging of relatives and peers to find someone special or settle down can be a great source of stress and anxiety.

This, in turn, can demotivate them, which can further fuel their lack of esteem and lowered sex drive.

3. The Winter Loneliness

The cold environment can force people to stay holed up in their rooms for weeks on end. If you’re constantly alone in your house, then you may feel your sex drive curling up.

Regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not, loneliness can take a great toll on your mental and sexual health.

Dark thoughts can shackle you and suck up any sexual energy you have remaining, which is further amplified by the dreary weather outside.

4. Vasoconstriction

During freezing temperatures, have you noticed your penis becoming smaller and less rigid? It’s a common phenomenon that affects most men.

Don’t be ashamed about it, there’s a scientific reason for this. When the temperatures outside drop, a man’s blood vessels start to narrow, and the body loses heat.

This phenomenon, known as vasoconstriction, can decrease blood flow to the body’s extremities, including the genitals. This is the body’s way of conserving heat and redirecting it to one’s vital organs.

5. Low Testosterone

The lack of sunlight during the winter months can lead to a decrease in the production of certain hormones, such as testosterone. This, in turn, can affect libido.

The reason for this downturn in production levels can be traced to our evolutionary roots: when the days get shorter, humans tend to conserve energy for more pressing survival needs.

6. Low Sunlight Causes ED

One of the culprits that can lead to SAD and decrease your erectile function is shorter exposure to sunlight.

Sunlight is a major supplier of vitamin D. However, since winter has shorter days, the window of time during which you can catch the sun’s rays is even smaller.

In turn, low vitamin D levels can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction, according to a recent study. Consult a local ED doctor for a diagnosis and treatment plan to help regain an active sex life.

4 Ways Winter Can Raise Your Sex Drive

Ways Winter Can Raise Your Sex Drive

While winter may lead to a reduction in sex drive, there are some ways it helps it too.

Here are four ways winter helps your libido:

1. Your Partner Feels More Attractive in Winter

Did you wake up one day and find that your partner looks especially sexy that winter morning?

If so, then you’re part of the majority of men who find women’s bodies more attractive in winter.

In fact, according to a published study, male research subjects found women more attractive in winter than in summer.

So if you find yourself enjoying your partner’s body and engaging in unique winter sex positions more often lately, the winter season may be the cause of this boost in sexual desire.

2. Testosterone Levels Shoot Up

Many processes in your body are affected by the surrounding temperature, and so is the production of the sex hormone, testosterone.

One study found that men have their lowest levels of testosterone in months with higher temperatures and more daylight.

Testosterone is intricately linked to your sex drive, which might mean the higher the testosterone in your body, the higher the libido.

However, if you are suffering from low T, you may not feel so. Consult a low testosterone doctor for treatment so you can enjoy an active sex life.

3. Low Serotonin Leads to a Higher Sex Drive

Serotonin is a key hormone that regulates your behavior, body temperature, and attention.

According to a study, serotonin appears to inhibit sex drive. Winter brings with it a decrease in serotonin levels, which can be good for your sex drive.

4. Higher Sperm Production

Your testicles are more active when the temperature is lower than your body temperature. Thus, in winter, your testes produce more sperm than usual, as proven by a published study.

This increase in sperm concentration can help you in fertility and sexual virility, which is always a plus for your esteem and sexual drive at large.

St. Louis’ Leading Male Health Clinic Can Help Men Regain Sexual Vitality Long Term

St. Louis’ Leading Male Health Clinic Can Help Men Regain Sexual Vitality Long Term

Environmental changes can play an active role in our sex lives. And while some are beneficial, other aspects may be less desirable.

That said, don’t let the season define your passion. Take steps to better your sex life during winter by exercising, keeping warm, and socializing with the people you love.

Although your decreased libido might be due to seasonal changes, it might also be a consequence of sexual problems in your body.

Consult a medical professional to rule out potential sexual dysfunctions that could be causing your worsening libido or erectile problems.

Need further assistance? Contact St. Louis male clinic Paramount Men’s Medical Center now to schedule an appointment to have a consultation with their experienced and specially trained medical staff. We are one of Missouri’s leading men’s clinics providing ED therapy, PE therapy, Low Testosterone therapy, RestoreWave therapy, hormone therapy, and much more.

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