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What Is Premature Ejaculation? PE Causes, Types, Risks, and Treatments

what is premature ejaculation definition meaning causes

What is premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a topic that most men try to avoid because of its sensitive nature. This is one of the reasons why men who suffer from this condition don’t seek help. But as you’ll find out later on, there are actually solutions to this problem if you seek professional help.

So, let’s talk about premature ejaculation, its causes, and what you can do if you have this issue.

Premature Ejaculation Definition

Premature ejaculation is a type of sexual dysfunction, just like erectile dysfunction (ED).

It’s characterized as having an orgasm sooner than a man would like. More specifically, it’s when a man ejaculates before or just right after penetration.

Not only is it a source of embarrassment but it deprives both the man and his partner of any satisfaction.

What’s not known by many is that this is a common occurrence. A lot of men will experience this at some point in their lives. And as long as it doesn’t happen too often, it shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

Premature ejaculation (PE) is said to affect 20% to 40% of the general population, although only 4% to 5% meets the clinical definition for this condition. Another source says that PE is the most reported sexual disorder with30% of men in the US stating they suffer from it.

But if the issue persists, that’s when you should seek medical help from a medical clinic specializing in PE treatment.

Types of Premature Ejaculation (PE)

If you can’t delay ejaculation even for less than a minute after you begin penetration, then there’s a good chance you fall under one of two premature ejaculation categories:

  1. Lifelong Premature Ejaculation: If you’ve suffered from premature ejaculation ever since your first sexual encounter, then you belong in this category.
  2. Acquired Premature Ejaculation: If your premature ejaculation occurred after previous sexual encounters where you didn’t have any issues, then your problem is an acquired one.

Some men report having on-and-off premature ejaculation. That means they’re having no issues with premature ejaculation one sexual encounter then start ejaculating earlier the next. This is known as variable premature ejaculation.

It’s perfectly normal to experience premature ejaculation every once in a while.

Common Premature Ejaculation Causes

premature cum quick cum causes psychological physiological

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to premature ejaculation. Here are some of the more popular premature ejaculation causes.

Psychological Issues Leading to Premature Ejaculation (PE)

Sometimes psychological issues are the root cause for a person’s inability to control his ejaculation. If you’ve experienced any of the following, then it could explain why you’re having problems:

  • Depression
  • Sexual abuse
  • Performance anxiety
  • Poor body image
  • Lack of sexual confidence

In eight trials involving 18,035 patients, it was revealed that depression is associated with a significantly increased risk of premature ejaculation.

The lack of sexual experience can also lead to premature ejaculation. In which case, your condition could improve with some practice.

Physiological Issues Leading to Premature Ejaculation (PE)

There are also instances when premature ejaculation is caused by physiological factors such as:

  • Inheriting traits that cause premature ejaculation
  • Having abnormal hormone levels especially with oxycontin
  • Having low serotonin or dopamine levels
  • Having a penis that’s sensitive to stimulation
  • Getting an infection or inflammation in the prostate or urethra

Regarding sensitive penises, a study shows that 60% of patients with PE show hypersensitivity of the penis.

To know for sure, you’ll have to consult a professional.

Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

While ED and PE are completely separate issues, there are instances where both conditions get linked.

For example, men who are suffering from ED tend to finish faster. That’s because their inability to obtain or maintain an erection is forcing them to rush to orgasm. Once this habit forms, the body will find it harder to delay ejaculation.

That’s why men with erectile dysfunction are at risk of developing premature ejaculation.

So if you’re experiencing premature ejaculation because you feel anxious about your erectile dysfunction, you should look into all the available treatments for ED to prevent it from worsening.

Premature Ejaculation and Its Impact on Relationships

men cum fast instant orgasm PE on relationships

Relationship problems could play a role in your premature ejaculation. So if you find that you’re only having PE with a specific partner, you should talk about making changes in the bedroom.

It might not be an easy conversation to have, but there’s a good chance that it’ll lead to more enjoyable sex life. You could even try talking to a sex therapist.

The Risks of Having Premature Ejaculation

The problem with premature ejaculation is that it can lead to further complications if it’s not addressed immediately.

For starters, it leads to stress and depression. In which case, you’ll have to consult with a mental health professional. You don’t want premature ejaculation to affect your everyday mood.

But as dire as stress and depression sound, there are even more serious complications. It could make it harder for you to conceive a baby organically since premature ejaculation can happen before intercourse could even start.

Premature Ejaculation Treatments and Exercises

premature ejaculation PE treatments exercises cum too quick

There are many treatments available that address premature ejaculation.

So don’t worry if you suffer from the realities of premature ejaculation. All you need to do is to find the right solution that’s best suited for you. Talking to a medical professional will help determine what you should do.

Some of the most common techniques to support medical treatment for PE are as follows:

  • Condoms: Wearing a condom reduces the sensation that the penis gets during sex. This will enable you to last longer.
  • Stop and Start: This is a method wherein you take a breather whenever you feel like you’re about to ejaculate. After about 30 seconds, you could resume having sex. This helps train your body to delay your orgasm.
  • Squeezing the Penis: When you feel that you’re about to ejaculate, squeeze the head of the penis to prevent yourself from ejaculation. It works on the same principle as the stop-and-start method.
  • Masturbation: You can try masturbating a few hours before having sex so you don’t have a quick orgasmduring intercourse. However, some men have a harder time getting an erection during sex when they masturbate beforehand, so this method may not work for everybody.

However, there are cases when medical diagnosis and treatment would be necessary. If you’re having issues with premature ejaculation, ED, or low-T levels, call the team at Paramount Men’s Medical Center in St. Louis now to schedule an appointment to have a consultation with their experienced and specially trained medical staff.

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